Our Team

Cushing Transportation, Inc. is a family operated business that began with one man and resulted in generations of dedicated employees.

Our team members stay actively committed and readily reliable so our drivers remain productive.



Dominic J. Pacella

Joseph J. Pacella




Tom Comiso  tomc@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 202


Dispatch - Day shift

Mitch King  mitch@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 205

Jon Cara  jcara@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 204

John Van Dijk  jvandijk@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 901


Dispatch - Night shift

Joe Ossey  jossey@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 201

Victor Jasas victor@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 201

Michael Prachasitthisak mprachasitthisak@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 201


Equipment Control

Ron Jackson  equipment@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 562











Shane Lavery  shane@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 560

Cathy Pacella cathy@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 561 


Customer Relations

Donna Infanto  donna@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 506


Safety and Driver Manager

Heidi Pacella heidi@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 314


Information Tech/API-EDI 

Vince Pacella  vince@cushingtrans.com

708.656.5050 ext. 564