Tractor Monthly Maintenance Report

    This is a Federal Law, D.O.T. requirement, not merely a company policy. This report MUST be completed and submitted to our office no later than the 15th of the following month.

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                This is a combination Repair Record, Lubrication and Grease Record, and Tire Repair & Replacement Record. It must be completed each month in which the maintenance is preformed Repair Record: Any and all repairs completed during the month must be listed. All replacement parts must be listed. This also includes minor items such as lights, reflectors, etc. Lubrication & Grease Record: Each lubrication must be listed and all grease jobs. (Trans., Diff. etc) Tire Repair or Replacement Record: List all tire and tube repairs, replacements, tire switching, rotations, etc.

                                REPAIR SECTION:

                                List all repairs made. List all parts or equipment installed.

                                    Date, Mileage, Lub., Oil, Filter, Transmission, Diff., Ck Front Wheel, Odometer

                                      List all repairs, replacements, rotations, location, number of plies, odometer, date, description etc.